If you are new to building, or are simply looking to build, the Green Log Home website is a great educational tool. The Green Log Home site was created for home-owners, to not only help them avoid experiencing set-backs when building a new home, but to also provide useful advice that may avoid bringing any project to a grinding halt. Green Log Home is a comprehensive guide, packed-full of useful information about building an environmentally friendly, self-sustaining home from the ground-up.

The website features over 150 detailed pages of information that ranges from how to buy land to avoiding hidden costs and everything in-between. There are checklists and cost calculators, basically everything you want to know before spending your life savings on building a home. The reading is well worth the time and will save you countless hours of head scratching.

In 2010 the Green Log Home website won the award of “Top Green informational and products website”. Many high schools and colleges have used the website as a learning tool in their curriculum. The website is purely informational, there are no advertisements and there is nothing for sale. It is built to help save time, money, and in a lot of cases, marriages :-)

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