Town Officials

Please contact the following individuals (listed below), with any queries that you may have. The current representatives for the Town of Conesville, NY are listed with their direct contact information.

To note:

Elections of Town Representatives/Officials occurs every two years. The most recent election occurred during November 2021.

In order to have your name added to the official town ballot,  you may submit your information to the official county registration for future voting.

Back in 1872, (according to the history books) The Town of Conesville had multiple thriving businesses. These included: Blacksmiths – Cobblers – Carpenters & Builders – Carriage, Wagon & Sleigh Manufacturers – Cattle & Horse Dealers – Clothiers & Tailors – Coopers – Dress & Cloak Makers – Flour Mills – General Merchants – Gunsmiths – Hats, Caps & Furs – Hotels – Justices of the Peace – Masons – Millwrights – Notaries Public – Photographers – Physicians & Surgeons – Sawmills – Veterinary Surgeon – Wood Turner


Filing Grievances About Town Officials/Business:

If you are unhappy and wish to file a grievance, please send in writing, using the links below. This website is not responsible for the actions of the Town of Conesville Officials. We therefore recommend that you contact the authorities listed, to help resolve your issue:

Office of NY, State Comptroller – for issues related to spending of your tax dollars.

LINK TO: Division of Investigations – Complaint Form

Filing a FOIL:

If you wish to have access to any official local town documents/records/expenditures etc. you may file a FOIL – The Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law, Article 6). A FOIL entitles members of the public access to the records of government. This process enables transparency of all official town business. Using a FOIL may help give you piece of mind about how your tax dollars are being spent. Always remember to be specific in your request for the records that you seek.

These can be sent by mail to Town of Conesville, 1306 State Route 990v, Gilboa, NY 12076 or

Fax: 607.588.6832 or